PetFlex Bandage - Woodland Camo - 3 in. x 5 yd
PetFlex Woodland Camo Print

PetFlex Bandage - Woodland Camo - 3 in. x 5 yd

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Brand new, individually wrapped rolls of genuine Andover PetFlex in the 3 in. x 5 yd size (stretched)! They come in great Woodland Camo print! PetFlex is a cohesive flexible bandage manufactured for small animal use. PetFlex tears clean by hand, will not constrict, does not stick to skin or hair, and stays in place. PetFlex is stronger than the competition's bandages, yet it is still soft and comfortable enough to use on most pets. Product Properties Hand-tear, no scissors needed (easy application). Strong with 15 lbs. tensile strength. A durable bandage that can be reused and will not shred. Won't constrict! Provides controlled compression with nonslip support to secure and protect primary dressings from dirt and moisture. Maintains original size and will not shrink on the roll or on the animal. Soft, great for comfort and support. Coheres to itself, will not stick to the fur, hair or skin (no clips or fasteners needed). Easy on, easy off! Quick and easy removal, can be cut away with scissors without unwrapping. Conforms to any shaped animal. Sweat and water-resistant. Patented technology. Competitively priced. Benefits Lasts long and can be reused. Holds up better than other bandages. Easier to use, you do not need to wrestle with the animal with scissors in your hands. Better and safer for pet: no scissors needed, softer and stronger than other bandages. Typical Applications Wound dressing. Stabilize catheters. Compression bandage after declaw procedure.

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