2inch CoFlex Vet Cohesive Bandage - Color Pack - Box of 36 Rolls
CoFlex Vet Color Pack

2inch CoFlex Vet Cohesive Bandage - Color Pack - Box of 36 Rolls

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Box of 36 brand new, individually wrapped rolls of genuine Andover CoFlex Cohesive Flexible Bandage in the Color Pack. Colors are Neon Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Neon Green and Red. CoFlex ® is an economical bandage for use when lightweight compression is required. Product Properties Controlled compression with nonslip support. 8 lbs. tensile strength. When applied properly provides an excellent pressure bandage that won't cut off circulation. Excellent porosity in a lightweight comfortable bandage. Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners are needed. Maintains original size and does not shrink in width. Removal is quick and easy, can be cut away with scissors without unwrapping. Economically priced. Typical Applications Compression bandage to stop bleeding. Fixing bandage. Affix monitors. Support wrap. Hold IVs in place. Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing. Edema control and finger immobilization. Vascular post-operative wrap. Leg ulcer wrap in conjunction with Unna boot as an overwrap. Compression wrap to help control swelling and reduce bruising. Compression wrap after blood donation. Compression bandage for sprains and strains. **Please note. Picture is for illustration purposes only and represents the 4 inch size roll but this is for a box of 2 inch!

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